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Measure your success. Get to know how often, where and when customers are scanning your tags.
Dynamic QR codes are a great tool to quantify your general advertising success.
Add different tags to different marketing media and see where your target audience is reached most effectively.

Dynamic Tag Creation

Dynamic Tags gives you the flexibility to modify the target links without having to generate new tags or redoing your artwork. This means you can have huge savings in terms of resources and enables you to respond quickly and effortlessly to any changes to your marketing plans or campaign.

Track Tag Performance

From start to finish be in control. Track your tag’s scan statistics; when, where, how many times and with what device. With easy to understand graphs, charts and numbers you can realize any change in performance immediately and tweak the tag to be more effective. You can also download raw data or CSV, PDF files to further extend your analysis.

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Account Sharing

Invite and share your account with colleagues, peers, employees, friends and organize your team effectively around campaigns. Sharing only takes a few seconds. Add in several users and choose the appropriate viewing rights. As a result, you streamline your planning and enable more effective cooperation.

Get Help

Do you need help? Have a question? Take advantage of our online Support Center with an extensive knowledge base of FAQs, How-to-videos and articles to get your creativity going. If you still need more, get in touch with us via email or telephone and we will be more than happy to help you excel with OunchTag.

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